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The Kansas African Studies Center and the Department of African and African-American Studies at the University of Kansas are the sponsors of a Summer African Language Institute (SALI) on the Lawrence campus from June 4 - July 26, 2019. The institute will offer expert instruction in beginning and intermediate Arabic, beginning and intermediate Kiswahili, beginning and intermediate Wolof, and beginning Somali.

In eight weeks, experience the equivalent of one year of university-level language instruction. Enhance your global awareness through experiential learning. Empower yourself to build your future as a socially responsible citizen. 

The environment of the institute will foster a close community of African language learners over the course of both summer sessions. All language courses will be supplemented with a variety of activities including guest lectures, field trips, films, language tables, and cultural immersion. We invite you to join us for a rigorous yet fun summer of learning without boundaries!

Download the SALI special events calendar here. 

Courses Offered

June summer session:

Arabic - ARAB 110 and ARAB 210

Kiswahili - KISW 110 and KISW 210

Wolof - WOLO 110 and WOLO 210

Somali - SOMI 110 

Online: WOLO 110 & 120

July summer session:

Arabic - ARAB 120 and ARAB 220 

Kiswahili - KISW 120 and KISW 220

Wolof - WOLO 120 and WOLO 220

Somali - SOMI 120

Online: WOLO 110 & 120

Career opportunities for speakers of African languages

A few of the many career opportunities for students of Arabic, Kiswahili, Somali, and Wolof include positions in journalism, international finance, foreign affairs, industry, contractual and corporate law, academia, and cultural exchange.


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