Faculty Funding

Two people dancing to a traditional song in Tanzania

Travel Awards for Faculty Professional Development

The Kansas African Studies Center is pleased to announce the availability of several awards to support travel of KU faculty affiliates for the purpose of professional development. Interested KU faculty can apply for funds of up to $2500 to support travel to African or other foreign settings to enhance research or teaching activities. Alternatively, interested faculty can apply for funds of up to $1000 to support domestic travel to conferences or other meetings to enhance research or teaching of Africa-based knowledge perspectives. Awardees must complete all travel and submit relevant expense reports by 07 AUG 2023

To apply for these funds, send an abstract (limited to one-page) that explains in some detail the purpose of your travel (professional development, internship building, outreach), the institutions or colleagues with whom you intend to collaborate, and a travel plan that indicates where you will be and why you need to be there. Also include in your abstract the intended outcome of your trip. Include a rough budget that indicates your anticipated costs, and indicate what other funding sources you have.  

Please be aware that both KU and the U.S. Department of Education must grant approval for the travel itinerary, and travel arrangements must comply with the Fly America Act. Moreover, applicants will be responsible for familiarizing themselves with the latest travel restrictions with the understanding that conditions may change and lead to the revocation or deferral of any provisional awards.

The deadline to submit applications to kasc@ku.edu is 5:00 PM on February 15, 2023.  A Travel Award Subcommittee of the KASC Executive Committee will oversee selection of recipients in consultation with the Interim Director and Assistant Director. Please direct questions about the awards and award process to KASC Assistant Director, Doreen Siilo at dsiilo@ku.edu or (785) 864-1064.