How to Enroll

Current KU students should enroll for summer courses through the same online system used during the academic year.

Students from other institutions or backgrounds who wish to enroll in summer courses at KU may do so as non-degree seeking students. You must apply for admission as a non-degree seeking student through KU's Admissions page, and then enroll in the appropriate courses after acceptance. International individuals seeking to enroll as non-degree seeking students may apply through KU's International Admissions page. Doreen Siilo, Assistant Director of the Kansas African Studies Center, is available to answer questions about the Institute. Contact her at or 785-864-1064.

Which classes should I enroll in?

Elementary Arabic

Enroll in ARAB 110 for June and ARAB 120 for July.

Intermediate Arabic

Enroll in ARAB 210 for June and ARAB 220 for July.

Elementary Kiswahili

Enroll in KISW 110 for June and KISW 120 for July.

Intermediate Kiswahili

Enroll in KISW 210 for June and KISW 220 for July.

Elementary Wolof

Enroll in WOLO 110 for June and WOLO 120 for July.

Intermediate Wolof

Enroll in WOLO 210 for June and WOLO 220 for July.



Once enrolled, students may contract for summer housing directly through the Student Housing website. Students may also find off campus housing on their own. There are many housing options within walking distance of campus.


Summer tuition for the language courses will vary based on your student status and your state of residency. Use the online cost estimation tool which KU offers to estimate your tuition costs. For specific cost questions, contact the Registrar at or 785-864-4423.

Other co-curricular activities on campus such as film screenings, guest lectures, and language tables organized by the Institute are free. Some field trips in the region may require a modest fee.


Funding is also available to educators interested in attending the program. Contact KASC Assistant Director, Doreen M. Siilo, for more information.