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A National Resource Center for African Studies

KASC is a National Resource Center dedicated to the study of African studies and the promotion of African languages like Arabic, Kiswahili, and Wolof.

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Our Mission

As one of ten National Resource Centers for African Studies in the nation, the Kansas African Studies Center (KASC) is committed to the study and advancement of the African continent, its peoples, languages, and cultures. KASC also promotes innovative scholarship that expands our knowledge and understanding of Africa and its diaspora by cultivating interdisciplinary interests in African Studies across the University of Kansas, the state of Kansas, the Midwest, and beyond.

KASC has continued to advance its mission through funding college students with interest in African languages and area studies (FLAS), enhancing the classroom curriculum for K-12 (lesson plans), sponsoring imaginative research (faculty research grants), supporting renowned conferences (MAAAS), promoting seminal special projects (Rwanda Commemoration), implementing critical outreach programs, and acquiring library and related resources.

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Initiatives & Partnerships

In addition to KASC's partnership with the federal government as one of ten National Resource Centers, KASC's collaborative spirit proudly manifests in our affiliation and initiatives with various national foundations, as well as multiple departments and programs both within and outside the state of Kansas.
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In our ever-contracting and globalized world, KASC's mission to showcase and elevate the value of various African languages, like Kiswahili, Wolof, and Amharic by offering fellowships, language classes and incredible opportunities for international scholarship through a variety of study abroad programs.
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"Reach one, teach one" is a guiding principle of KASC's Outreach Program, which seeks to promote an informed understanding of Africa's rich and complex reality by offering diverse services and resources to students, educators, community members, and everyone generally interested in African studies.
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Study Abroad

KASC recognizes the importance of students engaging with different cultures and knowledge processes around the globe especially in African area studies, so that effect, KASC collaborates with the Office of Study Abroad and Global Engagement to offer students incredible opportunities for international scholarship through a variety of study abroad programs.


KASC's mission is made possible with support from invested individuals. You can also subscribe to our newsletter and keep up with our events and announcements.