Graduate Certificate in African Studies

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Academic goals of the program

AAAS & KASC’s central objective in this certificate program is to formally recognize the expertise students in a range of disciplines already obtain in African Studies, in a manner that enhances students' career opportunities. The Certificate in African Studies enables graduate students to formally claim expertise in an area of the field of African Studies, through completion of 12 hours of graduate coursework.

Why Should I apply?

In any given year, KU regularly has more than fifty Africa-focused students in a variety of disciplines, across seven professional schools and 17 College of Liberal Arts and Sciences departments. The Graduate Certificate in African Studies helps bring this wide-ranging body of graduate students into closer contact with the Center's resource base. The Certificate also enhances graduate students' future marketability. Many disciplines in which the AAAS & KASC graduate student community is concentrated advertise jobs for PhD candidates with African expertise. The Certificate in African Studies strengthens KU graduates' opportunities in this specialist job market.

Course Sequence

General Requirements: 12 credit hours are required. This includes the core introductory seminar course, Introduction to African Studies (Africa) (AAAS 802). Students are then required to take an additional 9 hours or three courses. All courses, including language course work, must be at the 500-level or above. At least one of these courses (three credit hours) must be taken at the 700-level or above. Only courses with an Africa focus may count toward the required hours. No more than three hours of directed readings or independent study may be counted. Any students who utilize directed readings or independent studies courses are required to submit a paragraph summary of the course of study signed by the professor directing the project, so that AAAS can know how the course counts toward fulfillment of the cluster requirements. All approvals of course sequences are at the discretion of the Center. Make sure to have your adviser fill out the graduate certificate checklist (.docx).

Core Introductory Seminar

Introduction to African Studies (Africa) (AAAS 802) – 3 credit hours. An interdisciplinary approach to cross-cultural understanding of Africa 's place in the modern world. Specific emphasis will be given to the role of Africa in world history, African cultures, modern African history, and problems of development and nation-building in Africa . Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

Recognition ceremony

AAAS sponsors a small commencement program each spring to award students their certificates.

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