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Subini Ancy Annamma, Ph.D.

School of Education - Special Education Associate Professor
Ph.D., Educational Equity & Cultural Diversity, University of Colorado Boulder
Primary office:
Joseph R. Pearson Hall
Room 537
University of Kansas
1122 West Campus Rd.
Lawrence, KS 66045


Subini Ancy Annamma, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Special Education at the University of Kansas. Her research and pedagogy focus on increasing access to equitable education for historically marginalized students and communities, particularly students of color with disabilities. Specifically, she critically examines the social construction of race and ability; how the two are interdependent, how they intersect with other identity markers, and how their mutually constitutive nature impacts education experiences. She centers this research in urban education and juvenile incarceration settings and focuses on how student voice can contribute to dismantling systemic inequities and identifying exemplary educational practices.


Dr. Annamma's current work focuses on the experiences of young women of color with disabilities -linking the ways the intersections of race, gender, and disability are under surveillance and susceptible to punishment in public schools and juvenile incarceration.


Dr. Annamma is the first author on Dis/ability Critical Race Studies (DisCrit): Theorizing at the intersections of race and dis/ability, which was published in Race, Ethnicity and Education in 2013 and is included in the 2nd edition of Foundations of Critical Race Theory in Education. She is also an editor on DisCrit—Disability Studies and Critical Race Theory in Education. She has published multiple articles, book chapters, and co-edited books. She is currently on the editorial board of Multiple Voices for Ethnically Diverse Exceptional Learners. Dr. Annamma is a past winner of the American Education Research Association (AERA) Dissertation Minority Fellowship in Education Research Award and was the Co-Program Chair for the 2016 annual conference of the Critical Race Studies in Education Association. She has served as an invited speaker on topics ranging from girls' of color with disabilities unique experiences in education, the School-to-Prison Pipeline and Mass Racial Criminalization, Restorative and Transformative Justice, Disability Critical Race Theory, and Critical Perspectives in Special Education Policy and Practice.


Ph.D.Educational Equity & Cultural DiversityUniversity of Colorado Boulder

M.A.Educational Equity & Cultural DiversityUniversity of Colorado Boulder

B.S.Special Education, Cross CategoricalUniversity of Wisconsin

Selected Publications

Annamma, S. Ferri, B. & Connor, D. (2018). Disability Critical Race Theory: Exploring the intersectional lineage, emergence, and potential futures of DisCrit in education . Review of Research in Education42(1), 46–71. DOI://

Annamma, S. & Morrison, D. (2018). DisCrit Classroom Ecology: Using Praxis to Dismantle Dysfunctional Education Landscapes . Teaching and Teacher Education73, 70-80. DOI://

Annamma, S. (2018). The Pedagogy of pathologization: Dis/abled girls of color in the school-prison nexus. , Routledge.

Annamma, S. (2018). Mapping Consequential Geographies in the Carceral State: Education Journey Mapping as a Qualitative Method With Girls of Color With Dis/abilities . Qualitative Inquiry24(1), 20-34. DOI://

Annamma, S. Jackson, D. & Morrison, D. (2017). Conceptualizing color-evasiveness: using dis/ability critical race theory to expand a color-blind racial ideology in education and society . Race, Ethnicity and Education20(2), 147-162. DOI://

Annamma, S. (2017). Not enough: Critiques of Devos and expansive notions of Justice . International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education 30(10), 1047-1052. DOI://

Waitoller, F. & Annamma, S. (2017). Taking a spatial turn in inclusive education: Seeking Justice at the Intersections of Multiple Markers of Difference. In M. Tejero-Hughes & E. Talbott (Eds.), The Handbook of Research on Diversity in Special Education. New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Annamma, S. (2017). Critical race spatial analysis: Mapping to understand and address educational inequity (D. Morrison, S. Annamma, & D. Jackson, Eds.). Stylus.

Annamma, S. (2016). Disrupting the Carceral State Through Education Journey Mapping . International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education29(9), 1-21. DOI://

Annamma, S. Anyon, Y. Russell, N. Farrar, J. Greer, E. Downing, B. & Simmons, J. (2016). Black girls and school discipline: The complexities of being overrepresented and understudied. Urban EducationOnline FirstDOI:10.1177/0042085916646610

Connor, D., Ferri, B., & Annamma, S. (Eds.). (2015). Disability, Culture, and Equity SeriesDisability Studies & Critical Race Theory in Education (D. Connor, B. Ferri, & S. Annamma, Eds.). Teacher's College Press.

Annamma, S. (2015). Innocence, ability and whiteness as property: Teacher education and the school-­to‐prison pipeline. Urban Review47(2), 293-316. DOI:10.1007/s11256-­014-­0293-6

Annamma, S. (2015). We can’t breathe: The impacts of police brutality on women of color. In K. Fasching-Varner & N. Daniel Hartlep (Eds.), The Assault on Communities of Color: Exploring the Realities of Race-Based Violence (pp. 95-98).

Annamma, S. A. (2014). It was just like a piece of gum: Intersectionality and criminalization of young women of color with disabilities in the school to prison pipeline. In D. J. Connor, J. W. Valle, & C. Hale (Eds.), Practicing Disability Studies in Education, Acting Toward Social Change. New York: Teachers College Press.

Annamma, S. (2014). Disabling juvenile justice: Engaging the stories of incarcerated young women of color with disabilities. Remedial and Special Education35(5), 313-324. DOI:10.1177/0741932514526785

Annamma, S. Morrison, D. & Jackson, D. (2014). Disproportionality fills the gaps: Connections between achievement, discipline and special education in the school-­to-prison pipeline. Berkley Review of Education5(1), 53-87.

Annamma, S. Boelé, A. Moore, B. & Klingner, J. (2013). Challenging the ideology of normal in schools. International Journal of Inclusive Education17(12), 1278-1294.

Annamma, S. Connor, D. & Ferri, B. (2013). Dis/ability Critical Race Studies (DisCrit): Theorizing at the intersections of race and dis/ability. Race, Ethnicity and Education16(1), 1-31.

Annamma, S. (2013). Undocumented and under surveillance: A case study of an undocumented Latina with a disability in juvenile justice. Association of Mexican American Educators Journal7(3), 32-41.

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Selected Presentations

Annamma, S. . (01/20/2016). Race, Gender, & Disability and School Discipline. Civil Rights and the School-to-Prison Pipeline in Indiana. Webinar.

Selected Awards & Honors

Ford Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship Award
2018 - 2019

2017 Early Career Award
American Educational Research Association (AERA) Division G

Outstanding Emerging Scholar
Western Social Science Association


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