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Mid-America Outreach Fellowships For Teachers

Educators who teach in high schools, community colleges, or minority-serving institutions are eligible to apply for an award from the Kansas African Studies Center (KASC) to support their attendance at the annual Mid-America Alliance for African Studies (MAAAS) conference. Mid-America Outreach Fellowships of up to $250 are provided by grant funds from the U.S. Department of Education to KASC, one of ten National Resource Centers for African Studies in the U.S. The 2021 MAAAS conference will be held at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, October 29-30. To apply for a Mid-America Outreach Fellowship, send an application letter on your school's letterhead detailing your current position, expereince as an educator, interest in attending the conference, and plans to incorporate African Studies into the curriculum to by August 10, 2021. Please put "MAAAS Mid-America Outreach Fellowship" in the subject line.

About MAAAS:

The Mid-America Alliance for African Studies (MAAAS) is an organization for the promotion of African Studies in mid-America, including in particular the region between the Mississippi River and the frontal range of the Rocky Mountains. Founded at the University of Kansas in 1995, MAAAS seeks to encourage scholarship and teaching in African Studies regionally and sub-regionally through conferences, seminars, workshops, consortia, faculty and student exchanges, cooperative relations between libraries, and promotion of African language teaching, among other endeavors. MAAAS is open to all with an interest in scholarship and teaching within an African Studies focus, and it seeks especially to provide a forum for far-flung Africanists in the middle of the U.S., where great distances exist between relatively small pockets of African Studies enthusiasts.


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