College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

M.A. Alumni

Dylan A. Bassett, Percussions Instructor
Thesis: West African Drumming, Geography, History, Language, Multiculturalism, and At-Risk Students in the Classroom

Erin B. Conley
Thesis: Famine as a function of empire in "Arrow of God" and "Star of the Sea"

Marwa Ghazali
Thesis: When the Heart Grows Sad: Loss, Absence, and the Embodiment of Traumatic Memory amongst Somali Bantu Refugees in Kansas City

Travis Robert Glauser
Thesis: Thermochronometric Investigation of Multiple Unconformities and Post-Depositional Thermal History of a Fault Block in the Northern Western Desert, Egypt

Kate Heley
Thesis: Cultural Arts: The gateway to healing for urban youth in post-conflict Liberia

Nicole P. Reiz, Ph.D. Student, University of Kansas
Thesis: War in the North? A Critical Study of News Coverage of the Lord's Resistance Army 2004-2008

Patrick O. Asingo
Thesis: Investor-Voters and Electoral Volatility in Sub-Saharan Africa

Emmanuel A. Birdling, Ph.D. Student, University of Kansas
Thesis: Rethinking the Effects of the Foreign Missionaries' Mission to Africa, Focusing on the Church of the Brethren Missionaries Among the Margi Udzirngu in Northern Nigeria

Denzyl Janneker
Thesis: From Apartheid to Democracy: Shifting News of Values of Journalists at the "Sunday Times" Newspaper

Rokhaya Ndiaye
Thesis: The World Bank participatory development approach in the country assistance strategy (CAS) paper for the Republic of Senegal: Rhetoric or reality?

Mulubrhan Negash
Thesis: The silent spread: A look at correlates of HIV perceptions & self-reported behaviors among U.S. resident Ethiopians

Carola Ramirez Castello
Thesis: Afro-Peruvian Identity and its Connection with the Land: The Guayabo-Chincha Case

Luke Struckman
Thesis: The Idealized nation-state, globalization, critical geopolitics and the case of Morocco

Ainehi Edoro
Thesis: Waiting for an Angel: refashioning the African Writing Self

Levi J. Gahman
Thesis: Identity, Body-Image, and the Global Epidemiology of Eating Disorders

Abdirahman M. Gutale
Thesis: The alliance framework: A micro-level approach to diagnose protracted conflict in South Central Somalia

Huma I. Khan
Thesis: New wine in old bottles: An analysis of Pakistan's conflict in the Pashtun tribal areas

Phia S. Salter
Thesis: Perception of racism in ambiguous events: A cultural psychology analysis

Kenneth S. Aikins
Thesis: Local social networks and decentralization in Ghana

Kathryn A. Cochran
Thesis: Playing by the rules: The impact of electoral systems on emerging green parties

Megan M. Cross
Thesis: King Hassan II: Morocco's Messenger of Peace

Hilary Hungerford
Thesis: Onitsha Market Literature and Negotiations of Modernity in Nigeria.

Robert R. Lash
Thesis: Managing Malaria: Selected Maps of Twentieth Century

Heather Meiers
Thesis: Difference and laicite: France's headscarf debates and the banning of religious symbols in French Public Schools

Karen M. Wetugi
Thesis: Conflicts and Humanitarian Intervention in Africa: Is Tomorrow Too Late?

Raymond Agyemang
Thesis: Democracy in Africa, the Ghanaian model: A case study of the possibliites of successful democracy in Africa

Usibaka Efugbaike Ajayi
Thesis: Identity, immigration, and religion: Young African Christians in the Midwest

Lindsay A. Barnes
Thesis: Sayyid Qutb: "Pious hero of Islam"* or terrorist theoretician?

Kelsey D. Needham
Thesis: The role of beer in Karimojong society

Catherine Wiegand
Thesis: Asparagus (Asparagaceae) nrDNA ITS phylogeny of South Africa

Danielle D'Aun Monty-Mara
Thesis: Deconstructing the Debt Debate: Understanding the Failure of the heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) Initiative in Sub-Saharan Africa

Vince E. Davenport
Thesis: The Society of Muslim Brothers: Brotherhood of terror?

Marianne N. Mabachi
Thesis: HIV/AIDS in Africa : A Discursive Perspective

Edward Mara
Thesis: UN Peacekeeping in Rwanda

Octave Mugabowineza
Thesis: Rwanda, what went wrong? Revisiting the 1994 genocide

Nadine S. Abou Fayssal
Thesis: The Role of Islamic fundamentalism in the Obstruction of Democracy in the Middle East: Case Studies: Turkey, Iran, and Egypt

Khalid Alowain
Thesis: Non-thesis digital project on "The Baggara of the Sudan" the Barbara Michael Collection at the KU Museum of Anthropology

Alassane Fall
Thesis: Senegal Between France and the United States of America. Foreign Policy, Cooperatrion and Conflict

Roy A. Dietzman Jr.
Thesis: Forty-Two Years of Peacekeeping: A Review of Senegalese Participation in Peacekeeping Missions.

Michelle Edwards
Thesis: Non-thesis Project on Chokwe collection Museum of Anthropology.

Mattew T. Gillett
Thesis: Coptic Christian Papyri: Three Case Studies.

Elizabeth W. Gitau

Angela M. Gray
Thesis: Critical Geopolitics of African Displacement

Abdourahmane Idrissa
Thesis: Modern Utopia and the Colony: Controlling Maradi [Niger]

Bob Owens
Thesis: Non-Thesis [Religion in Middle East & North Africa]

Sarah L. Smiley
Thesis: Differences between International Financial Institution, Non-Governmental Organization, and Ugandan Perspectives Toward the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries Debt Relief Initiative

Jeffrey W. Stanfield
Thesis: Military Operations inSomalia 1992-1994: Did Subjective Control Cross the " Mogadishu Line?" Testing Huntington's Theory of Civil-Military Relations.

Melissa Filippi-Franz
Thesis: Trauma as a Result of War Violence in Somali Refugees.

Nicole A. Moeller
Thesis: The Study of the Perceived Role of Nutrition in the Treatment of Human Immunodeficiency Virus/Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome by People in Kenya

Mary B. Sunday
Thesis: Mortality and Cause of Death among Karimojong Agropastoralists of Northeast Uganda, 1940-1999

Brandi L. Wiebusch
Thesis: Environmental Effects on Mixed-Longitudinal Growth in Weight of Immunized Karimojong Children

Jill Brush
Thesis: The Role of Exchange in the Formation of an Ewe Gorovodu Shrine in Southern Ghana

Pelle D. Danabo
Thesis: Why do projects of modernity and development fail in Sub-Saharan Africa? Reflections on Human and Philosophical Foundations

Andrea N. Hacker
Thesis: Infant Growth Patterns in Kenya.

Lolen B. Ngong
Thesis: HIV/AIDS related Knowledge, Attitudes, Beliefs, and Sexual Practices among Cameroonian Youth: A Pilot Study.

Karen R. Gage
Thesis: An Ethnographic Study of Kenyan Female Adolescent Knowledge, Attitudes, and Beliefs Regarding HIV and AIDS

R. Brown Shauntae
Thesis: The Rhetoric of Preacher, Politician Emanuel Cleaver: Testing the Limits of Afrocentricity across Contexts and Audiences



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