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KU Study Abroad Opportunities in Africa

Al Akhawayn University, Ifrane, Morocco 

KU offers several formal opportunities for study in Africa, in a variety of countries and languages. Most programs coordinated by KU are available to students through the Office of Study Abroad. Please contact Jenna Hunter-Skidmore for specific information about KU's programs in Morocco, or Holly Rains for specific information about programs in other African countries. In addition, OSA can help you find or create a trip to whatever specific country interests you, even if KU doesn't have a prepared program there. (Please remember, however, that KU's policy is not to send students to countries with U.S. Federal Government Travel Warning in place, and this unfortunately includes many African countries. If you wish to visit one of these countries, your best bet would be to arrange the trip through some organization or institution other than the University.) We strongly encourage students to consult OSA before planning any kind of study abroad program.

Arabic Studies Summer Institute

  • This program is held at the Al-Akhawayn University, a school of about 1,000 students, in Ifrane, Morocco. Ifrane is a very European-styled city of 12,000 people, with popular skiing in winter.
  • Read the program overview for complete details. Students may complete a set of courses in Arabic language as well as courses in North African Studies. Courses are listed under AAAS 445.

Sustainability, Development, and Community Empowerment in the Eastern Cape, South Africa

  • This summer program, led by Byron Caminero-Santangelo, will introduce students to different narratives of conservation, social and environmental justice, sustainability, and development at play in debates about tourism and resource extraction in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. In the process, students will explore the relationships between these narratives and the history of environmental change, colonialism, apartheid, and post-apartheid development.
  • For full details read the Office of Study Abroad's brochure about this program.

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