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KU Program in African Languages

The University of Kansas African languages program features Arabic, KiSwahili, Wolof and Amharic. Other African languages taught include Ancient Egyptian and Coptic. Faculty at the University of Kansas possess competence in other African languages such as : Yoruba, Edo, KiKongo, Chinyanja, Afrikaans, Twi, and Karimojong, to name a few. If you have interest in one of these languages, or questions for one of these faculty, please consult the list below, view the websites devoted to each individual language, or contact us at or (785) 864-3745.

Faculty and instructors of main languages:

Brenda Wawire

Brenda Wawire

Peter Ojiambo

Brenda Wawire

Ibrahima Ba















For further information on the African Language Program contact:

Brenda Wawire
​Language Coordinator

Language Resource Centers:

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