College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Gilbert Gathunguri Karuga

School of Business - Business
Associate Professor
Primary office:
Capitol Federal Hall
Room 4154
University of Kansas
1654 Naismith Drive
Lawrence, KS 66045-7601


Accounting and Information Systems


Courses Taught in Last Five Years:


• Fundamentals of Software Development

• Database Management Systems

• Enterprise Resource Planning Systems


• Managerial Information Systems

• Principles of Software Engineering

• Information Systems for Supply Chain Management


• Seminal on Database Management Systems

Selected Publications

Goes, P. B., Karuga, G. G., & Tripathi, A. K. (2012). Bidding Behavior Evolution in Sequential Auctions: Characterization and Analysis. MISQ, 36(4), 1021-1042.

Goes, P. B., Karuga, G. G., & Tripathi, A. K. (2010). Understanding Willingness-to-Pay Formation for Repeat Bidders in Sequential Online Auction. Information Systems Research, 21(4), 907-924.

Nair, S. K., Tripathi, A. K., & Karuga, G. G. (2009). Optimal Lot Sizing Policies for Sequential Online Auctions. IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, 21, 554-567.

Bapna, R. Goes, P. Gupta, A. & Karuga, G. G. (2008). Predicting Bidders Willingness to Pay in Online Multi-Unit Ascending Auctions: Analytical and Empirical Insights. Informs Journal of Computing, 20, 345-355.

Lowry, P. B., Karuga, G. G., & Richardson, V. J. (2007). Assessing Leading Institutions, Faculty and Articles in Premier Information Systems Research Journals. Communications of the AIS, 20, 142-203.

Karuga, G. G., Lowry, P. B., & Richardson, V. J. (2007). Assessing the Impact of Premier Information Systems Research over Time. Communications of the AIS, 19, 115-131.

Etteredge, M. & Karuga, G. G. (2005). Using Web-Based Search Data to Predict Macro-economic Statistics. Communications of the ACM, 48(11), 87-92.

Bapna, R. Goes, P. Gupta, A. & Karuga, G. G. (2002). Optimal Design of the Online Auction Channel: Analytical, Empirical and Computational Insights . Decision Sciences, 33(4), 557-575.

Karuga, G. G., Khraban, A. M., Nair, S. K., & Rice, D. O. (2001). AdPalette: An Algorithm for Customizing Online Advertisements on the Fly. Decision Support Systems, 32(2), 85-106.


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