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Dorothy E. Hines Datiri, Ph. D.

School of Education - Curriculum & Teaching, African/African American Studies
Assistant Professor
Primary office:
Joseph R. Pearson Hall
Room 306
University of Kansas
1122 West Campus Rd.
Lawrence, KS 66045-3101
Second office:
Bailey Hall
Room 109


Dr. Dorothy E. Hines holds a joint appointment as an Assistant Professor in African and African American Studies, and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Curriculum and Teaching in the School of Education. She received a Ph.D. in Education Policy from Michigan State University. Dr. Hines holds a Master's Degree in Public Administration from North Carolina Central University graduating Magna Cum Laude. Dr. Hines is a former high school U.S. History teacher, and she received a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science from North Carolina State University. Previously Dr. Hines served as a Teaching Fellow with the Harvard Graduate School of Education.


Ph.D., Educational Policy, Michigan State University

Master of Public Administration, NC Central University

Bachelor of Political Science, NC State University

Teaching Interests

  • Urban Education, Race and Equity, School Discipline Policies, Multicultural Education, Teacher Education


Dr. Hines is an award-winning writer and author of several texts that examine the intersections of race, gender, and space in structuring school discipline practices and policies, school pushout, and urban schooling. Dr. Hines' research examines the racialized and gendered schooling experiences of Black students with a focus on Black girls and girls of color.

Research Interests

  • Urban Education, School Discipline Policies, Dropout Recovery, Race and Gender Equity

Selected Publications

Hines, D. E. (in press). Acts of Resistance: Subversive Teaching in the English Language Arts Classroom.

Marrero, S. M., Young, J. L., & Hines, D. E. (in press). Dismantling the Pathway to Prison: How Zero Tolerance Policies Incarcerate Black Students in Urban Schools . In . (Ed.), Dear Secretary DeVos: What We Want You to Know About Education. Sense Publications.

Hines, D. E. (in press). Gender and School Punishment . In . (Ed.), Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Education. Oxford University Press.

Hines, D. E., & Young, J. L. (in press). In Fear of My Safety: Black Female Faculty Responding to Spirit-Murdering, Racism, and Healing on the Academic Plantation. In . (Ed.), The Undivided Life: Faculty of Color Bringing Our Whole Selves to the Academy. Information Age Publishing .

Young, J. L., & Hines, D. E. (in press). Promotion while Pregnant and Black: Presumptions of Incompetence, Incapability, and Impossibility. In . (Ed.), Presumed Incompetent (Vol. 2). Utah State University Press.

Hines, D. E., Boveda, M. Hollis, T. & Lindo, E. (in press). Racism by Another Name: Black Students, Overrepresentation, and Carcerality in Special Education, Information Age Publishing .

Mortenson, L. & Hines, D. E. (in press). Training is Not Enough: How School Resource Officers Contribute to the Criminalization of Black Students . In . (Ed.), Dear Secretary DeVos: What We Want You to Know About Education. Sense Publications.

Hines, D. E. (in press). When Girls Spit: The Power of Integrating Spoken Word into the Curriculum. Edutopia.

Hines, D. E., King, R. & Ford, D. Y. (2018). Black Students in Handcuffs: Addressing Racial Disproportionality in School Discipline for Students with Dis/abilities. Teachers College Record.

Young, J. & Hines, D. E. (2018). Even Cinderella is White: (Re)Centering Black Girls' Voices as Literacies of Resistance in English Education. English Education Journal.

Hines, D. E., & Wilmot, J. M. (2018). From Spirit-Murdering to Spirit-Healing: Addressing Antiblack Aggressions and the Inhumane Discipline of Black Children. Multicultural Perspectives Journal.

Young, J. L., & Hines, D. E. (2018). Killing My Spirit, Renewing My Soul: Black Female Professors’ Critical Reflections on Spirit Killings while Teaching . Women, Gender, and Families of Color University of Illinois Press.

Evans-Winters, V. Hines, D. E., Moore, D. & Lawrence, T. (2018). Locating Black Girls in Educational Policy Discourse: Implications for Every Student Succeeds Act. Teachers College Record.

Whitaker, M. & Hines, D. E. (2018). Teaching What We Don't Know: Community-based Learning as a Tool for Implementing Critical Race Praxis. In . (Ed.), Service-Learning Initiatives in Teacher Education Programs. IGI.

Hines-Datiri, D. (2017). Cloaked in Invisibility: Dropout-Recovery Narratives of Girls of Color After Re-enrollment. Women, Gender, and Families of Color.

Hines-Datiri, D. & Carter Andrews, D. J. (2017). The Effects of Zero Tolerance Policies on Black Girls: Using Critical Race Feminism and Figured Worlds to Examine School Discipline. Urban Education.

Hines-Datiri, D. (2016). Resisting Internalized Racism: RACE Mentoring as a Survival Strategy in the Ivory.(1st editionst ed.). J.M. Scott-Carrol & D. Y. Ford (Eds), Race mentoring through social media: Black and Hispanic scholars share their journey in the academy. Information Age Publishing.

Hines-Datiri, D. (2015). When Police Intervene: Race, Gender, and Discipline of Black Male Students at an Urban High School. Journal of Cases in Educational Leadership, 18(2).

Hines, D. E. (2013). No Child Left Behind and Dropout Recovery: Making a Diploma Count. Teachers College Record

Singleton, D. Livingston, J. Hines, D. & Jones, H. (2008). Underrepresentation of African American Students in Gifted Education Programs: Implications for sustainability in gifted classes. African American Research Perspectives, 1(12), 11-21. University of Michigan.

Hines, D. E., & Mathis, K. (2007). Regional specific incentives for teacher recruitment and retention. North Carolina State Board of Education.

Selected Presentations

Boveda, M. Ransom, J. Aronson, B. Hines, D. E. & Jackson, I. . (12/31/2018). A Review of Intersectionality as a Lens Across Equity-Based Research in Education. American Educational Research Association. New York, New York

Selected Awards & Honors

Social Justice Fellow at the University of Kansas
University of Kansas Office of Multicultural Affairs (2018 Cohort)
2018 - Present

Paula Silver Case Award
University Council of Educational Administrators (UCEA)
2016 - Present

William L. Boyd Emerging Scholar
American Educational Research Association, Division L: Educational Policy & Politics
2012 - 2013


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