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David Norman Smith

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences - Sociology
Primary office:
Fraser Hall
Room 753
University of Kansas
1415 Jayhawk Blvd
Lawrence, KS 66045-7556


David Smith is a specialist in sociological theory who studies inequality and the psychology of inequality. His writings include publications on classical and critical social theory, anti-Semitism, authority, authoritarianism, charisma, genocide, the Rwandan genocide, capitalism, and labor.  

Teaching Interests

  • Sociological theory (classical, critical, contemporary)
  • Race and ethnicity (&ldquo
  • Race&rdquo
  • And racism, ethnicity and ethnocentrism)
  • Social psychology (personality, prejudice, authoritarianism, ambivalence)
  • Historical sociology (capitalism, fascism, genocide, authority)

Selected Publications

Smith, D. N. (in press). 21st Century Capital: Falling Profit Rates and System Entropy. In L. Langman & D. A. Smith (Eds.), Piketty in the 21st Century: Sociological Critiques. Leiden & Boston: Brill.

Smith, D. N. (2017). Theory and Class Consciousness. In M. Thompson (Ed.), The Handbook of Critical Theory (pp. 369-424). London & New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

Smith, D. N. (2017). Sharing, Not Selling: Marx Against Value. Continental Thought & Theory, 1(2).

Smith, D. N. (in press). Deferential Worker. In B. S. Turner (Ed.), Blackwell Encyclopedia of Social Theory. Oxford: Blackwell.

Smith, D. N. (2017). Collectivism and the Intellectuals: Svend Ranulf, Emile Durkheim, Fascism, and Resistance. Antisemitism Studies, 1(2).

Smith, D. N. (2016). Capitalism’s Future: Self-Alienation, Self-Emancipation, and the Remaking of Critical Theory. In D. Krier & M. Worrell (Eds.), Capitalism’s Future: Alienation, Emancipation and Critique (pp. 11-62). Leiden & Boston: Brill.

Smith, D. N. (2016). Charisma and the Spirit of Capitalism. In A. Sica (Ed.), The Anthem Companion to Max Weber. London, New York, & Delhi: Anthem Press.

Smith, D. N. (2016). Demand the Impossible: Greece, the Eurozone, and the Failure of the Utopian Imagination. In D. Krier & M. Worrell (Eds.), The Social Ontology of Capitalism (pp. 195-227). London & New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

Smith, D. N. (2016). Epilogue: Time is Still Money. In D. W. Manders (Ed.), The Hegemony of Common Sense (revised second edition). (pp. 195-234). San Francisco: Looking Up Press.

Smith, D. N. (2016). Outrageous Fortune: Further Reflections on Austerity, Resistance, and the Utopian Imagination. In D. Krier & M. Worrell (Eds.), The Social Ontology of Capitalism (pp. 228-234).

Smith, D. N. (2015). Profit Maxims: Capitalism and the Common Sense of Time and Money. Current Perspectives in Social Theory, 33, 29-74.

Smith, D. N. (2015). Prometheus Unchained: Marx’s Abolitionism. Dialectical Anthropology, 39(2), 211-14.

Smith, D. N. (2015). The Adventures of Professor Piketty: In Which We Meet the Intrepid Data-Hunter Thomas Piketty and Hear His Startling Story. A Fantasy. Critical Sociology, 41(2), 325-334.

Smith, D. N. (2014). Slashing at Water with a Knife? Durkheim's Struggle to Anchor Sociology in First Principles. Contemporary Sociology, 43(2), 165-171.

Smith, D. N. (2013). Capitalism and Science. In A. Hessenbruch (Ed.), Reader's Guide to the History of Science (pp. 117-118). London & New York: Routledge.

Smith, D. N. (2013). Charisma Disenchanted: Max Weber and His Critics . Current Perspectives in Social Theory, 31, 3-74.

Smith, D. N. (2011). Mapping the Great Recession: A Reader’s Guide to the First Crisis of 21st-Century Capitalism. New Political Science, 34(4), 577-583.

Smith, D. N. (2011). Sweatshops. In G. Ritzer & J. M. Ryan (Eds.), The Blackwell Concise Encyclopedia of Sociology Online.

Smith, D. N., Hanley, E. & McWilliams, R. (2011). RWA, SDO, and Voter Choice: Short Reliable Scales. A proposal to the American National Election Study (available online).

Smith, D. N. (2011). Charisma and Critique: Critical Theory, Authority, and the Birth of Political Theology. Current Perspectives in Social Theory, 29, 33-56.

Smith, D. N. (2009). Solidarity in Question: Critical Theory, Labor, and Anti-Semitism. Critical Sociology, 35 (5), 601-628.

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