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Stipend for Educators to Attend the Annual Summer African Language Institute at the KU Campus


Learning a language can be a personally enriching experience, with benefits for the brain according to scientists, allowing you to connect with others from different cultures, and a sense of great accomplishment. For educators especially, language acquisition allows for better understanding and communication with students and their respective communities.

The Kansas African Studies Center has substantial tuition stipends for interested educators to attend the eighth annual Summer African Language Institute (SALI) which will be conducted remotely. Educators from K-12 schools, minority-serving institutions, and community college instructors are particularly encouraged to apply. The Institute runs from June 7 – July 29, 2022 with intensive language courses Monday through Thursday for four hours per day. Small class sizes allow for maximum individual attention from native speakers trained in language education in a fun and relaxed environment. Courses are taught through the Department of African and African-American Studies.

Courses will be taught remotely:

Elementary Arabic 110 & 120                      Intermediate Arabic 210 & 220

Elementary Kiswahili 110 & 120                  Intermediate Kiswahili 210 & 220

Elementary Wolof 110 & 120                       Intermediate Wolof 210 & 220              


For more information regarding these languages, visit:


Several stipends of $6,000 each for teachers will be awarded. KU's tuition costs will vary depending on residency and proficiency levels. Classes at the beginner level are 10 credits split between two summer sessions, while classes at the intermediate level are 6 credits split between two summer sessions. 


To apply:


Submit a statement of no more than 500-words that addresses the following:

  • School Details: name, school, location, and subject/level taught, description of student body
  • Desired language of study and level (Beginner, Intermediate), explanation of why you wish to learn this language
  • What outcomes do you expect from the Institute and how will language acquisition of an African language help you in your role as an educator?
  • How do you intend to incorporate the language into your curriculum or other professional duties? 
  • Provide any other relevant information if space allows


Send questions, and your statement (in a Word document) to KASC Assistant Director, Doreen M. Siilo, Please contact her with any questions as well.


Application deadline, Monday, April 18, 2022.


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