College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Ph.D. Alumni


Kenneth Aikins

Makame Muhajir
Thesis: How Planning Works in an Age of Reform: Land, Sustainability, and Housing Development Traditions in Zanzibar

Mona N. Mwakalinga
Thesis: The Political Economy of the Film Industry in Tanzania: From Socialism to an Open Market Economy, 1961-2010


Malika Alaoui
Thesis: Re-Reading Captivity in the Works of Three Moroccan Women Novelists of the 90s

Kristen K. Epps
Thesis: Bound Together: Masters and Slaves on the Kansas-Missouri Border, 1825-1865

Phia S. Salter
Thesis: Representations of Black History as intentional worlds of oppression and liberation

Richard Williams
Thesis: Ecology and Geography of Avian Viruses using Niche Models and Wild Bird Surveillance

Richard A. J. Williams
Thesis: Ecology and geography of avian viruses using niche models and wild bird surveillance


Melissa K. Filippi-Franz
Thesis: Reconstituting Lives: Somali Women's Efforts to Reformulate Household and Community Values in Kansas City, Missouri

Angela M. Gray
Thesis: Emplacing Displacement: Cultural Landscapes of Refugee-Hosting in Ukwimi, Zambia

Simao Henriques
Thesis: An evaluation of English as a foreign language textbooks for secondary schools in Angola

Mary B. Sundal
Thesis: Difficult Decisions: Karimojong Healing in Conflict

Joy L. Wrolson
Thesis: Re-inventing memory and reforming performances: A genealogy of panic theater in Zimbabwe

Kristin L. Young
Thesis: The Basques in Genetic Landscape of Europe


Pelle D. Danabo
Thesis: From Africa of State to United Africa: Towards Africana Democracy

Natabhona M. Mabachi
Thesis: What Makes Some Campaigns More Effective than Others?: An Analysis of Three Mass Media PSI HIV/AIDS Campaigns in Kenya

Paul Prece
Thesis: Writing Home: The Post-Colonial Dialogue of Athol Fugard and August Wilson


Dan C. Fullerton
Thesis: Bright Prospects, Bleak Realities: The United States Army's Interwar Modernization Program for the Coming of the Second World War

Yssouf Kone
Thesis: The effects of adjustment policies on economic growth, welfare and income distribution in a CGE model with imperfect competition. An application to Cote d'Ivoire

Sarah L. Smiley
Thesis: Patterns of Urban Life and Urban Segregation in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


Farah H. Alenezi
Thesis: Formal constraints on Arabic/English code-switching: A lexically-based approach.

Mame S. Diouf
Thesis: Intersections of race and gender in three black women's texts

Mark D. Hersey
Thesis: "My work is that of conservation": The environmental vision of George Washington Carver.


Maisoun I. Abu-Joudeh
Thesis: Multiple Accusative-Constructions in Modern Standard Arabic: A Minimalist Approach.

Amy M. Fowler
Thesis: The Visual Rhetoric of Colonization: A Historiography of Representations of the Congo Free State

Noah Mutoti
Thesis: Monetary policy transmission in Zambia

Nora M. Onizan
Thesis: Functions of Negation in Arabic Literary Discourse.

Irene Paasch
Thesis: Identity in discursive cultural contexts: The case of Ogande Girls' School, Kenya, Africa

Craig Scandrett-Leathermann
Thesis: Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus: Afro-Pentecostalism in the Church of God in Christ


Cameron K. McCormick
Thesis: Geography of Rural Water Development in Northern Cameroon.


Osama Abdel-Ghafer
Thesis: Copular Constructions in Modern Standard Arabic, Modern Hebrew and English.

Massissou N. Hathoura
Thesis: Teachers' Perspectives on Leadership Styles of Chadian Secondary School Principals.

Mohamed A. Mohamed Dosi
Thesis: Urban Growth Through Time and Space: A Study of the Role of Planners in Dealing with Urban Sprawl in Zanzibar , Tanzania


Olivia Ceesay
Thesis: Moral Conflict, Irrational Behavior, and African Women

Peter A. Sam, Jr.
Thesis: Indoor Air Pollution Assessment Within Selected Residential Areas in the Greater Accra-Tema Metropolitan Region, Ghana, West Africa

Renee T. Von Weiss
Thesis: A cross-cultural comparison of pain description in children with polyarticular juvenile rheumatoid arthritis in the United State and in Egypt


Emad A. Al-Tamari
Thesis: Sentential Negation in English and Arabic: A Minimalist Approach

Sue Schuessler
Thesis: The Children of the Crocodile: Grieving and Healing in Southwestern Zimbabwe.

Moussa Sissoko
Thesis: The Impact of the Peace Corps Experience in Returned Volunteers: A Case Study of Peace Corps Mali Returned Volunteers


Jamaine M. Abidogun
Thesis: Ghana: Educational and cultural transformation

Peter Gitau
Thesis: Exploring the Relationships between African and African-American Undergraduates in a Midwestern University.

Adama O. Kone
Thesis: The introduction of national languages into formal education in Mail: Opinions of elementary school teachers, pedagogic advisers, and principals

Pia Thielmann
Thesis: Hotbeds: Black-White Love and its Representation in Selected Contemporary Novels from U.S., Africa, and the Caribbean.


Maria J. Cabarcos
Thesis: Some Post-colonial versions of the Pastoral.

Griselda Escalona-Segura
Thesis: An analysis of New World Mangrove avifauna: Diversity, endemism, and conservation

John H. McClendon
Thesis: Conscientism: The Philosophy of Nkrumaism.


Phillip A. Huxtable
Thesis: Uncertainty and foreign policy-making: Conflict and cooperation in West Africa

Stan L. Moore
Thesis: Indigenous medical practice and knowledge in the medical culture of Dar es Salaam


Heather L. Aldridge
Thesis: Commanding the post-Cold war world: President Clinton's rhetoric as Commander in Chief, 1993-1995

Kevin J. Cunningham
Thesis: The upper Miocene sedimentary succession, Melilla Basin, Northeastern Morocco

Hedley M. Swan
Thesis: Settlement policies and development: The case of Botswana


Mamdou C. Bane
Thesis: An analysis of educational reforms in Mali, 1962-1992


Nancy L. N. Palmer
Thesis: The impact of maternal education on infant and child mortality and morbidity in the Cameroon Grasslands

Adams R. Somiari
Thesis: Profiting from public service: A contextual analysis of corruption in Nigeria


Laurian E. C. Lytle
Thesis: The stock market impact of social pressure: The South African divestment case


Julie A. Neururer
Thesis: Decency and dollars invested: Case studies of South African divestiture

Nelly O. Ukpokodu
Thesis: Analysis of the perceptions of teachers and administrators of preschool programs in Bendel State of Nigeria


Akintola O. Falaiye
Thesis: Consociationalism and the Nigerian political system, 1960-1988 (Volumes I and II)


Ramsamy M. Naidoo
Thesis: An examination of parents' and teachers' expressed attitudes towards occupational expectations for deaf persons

Robert A. Wolff
Thesis: Food policies and political stability: A comparative study of Ghana and Ivory Coast


Anderson M. Nxumalo
Thesis: The indigenous education of the Sawzi and its implications for curriculum development in Swaziland


Barbara J. Michael
Thesis: Cows, Bulls and Gender Roles: Pastoral Strategies for Survival and Continuing in Western Sudan

Christian O. Opukri
Thesis: Africa and the superpowers: The contextual basis of African Policy in the United Nations

Roberto Pereira Da Cunha
Thesis: Geologic Reactivation in Northeast Brazil and West Africa – An Example of Basement Controlled Tectonics (Cameroon, Nigeria, Benin, Togo)


Alexius E. Nwachukwu
Thesis: An Historical Analysis of the Roots of Universal Public Primary Education in Nigeria, 1900-1980


Chiekwe B. Archibong
Thesis: Evolution of Firms: Strategy and Structure of Enterprise in a Third-World Country (Volumes I and II)

Peter Ukpokodu
Thesis: Socio-Political Drama in Nigeria since Independence (African, Literature)


Bertram A. Okolo
Thesis: Semantics and Pragmatics of Discourse, Narrative Fiction: An Igbo Example (Nigeria)


Admasu Shunkuri
Thesis: Theories and Practices in Socioeconomic Development: An appraisal of Policy Patterns in Five African States


Hamid A. Muftah
Thesis: Analysis of the Development of a Higher Education System in Libya and its Impact on the Libyan Students


Philip V. Nzwilliw
Thesis: The Development of Higher Education in east Africa from 1925 to 1981


Babikir E. Kardaman
Thesis: Higher Education in the Sudan


Godwin N. Iloka
Thesis: The Teaching of English as a Foreign Language in Nigeria


Salah A. Bourjini
Thesis: Sources of Economic Growth in Developing Countries: The Case of Tunisia


Clell R. Buck
Thesis: Development of the Philosophy of Education in the Central African Republic


Rosalie F. Maddocks
Thesis: Living and Subfossil Distribution Patterns of Podocopid Ostracodes in Thenosy Be Area, Northern Madagascar



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