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Mohamed A. El-Hodiri

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences - Economics
Primary office:
Snow Hall
Room 359
University of Kansas
1460 Jayhawk Blvd.
Lawrence, KS 66045

Research Interests

  • 0Dynamical Economic Systems
  • Neuro Foundations of decisions
  • Structural analysis

Selected Publications

Chernikov, S. (in press). Systems of Linear inequalities (M. A. El-Hodiri & B. Mukhamediyev, Eds.). Heinrich-Böcking-Str. 6-8, 66121, Saarbrücken, Germany: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing is a trademark of: OmniScriptum GmbH & Co. KG. 500.

El-Hodiri, M. A., Kudasheva, T. & Kunitsa, S. (2015). Methods of Measurement of Socio-Geographical Inequality in Kazakhstan, A consequence to the distribution of Oil Development? . Journal of Economic Sociology, 3(1), 7 - 23.


(1971). Lecture Notes in Operations Research and Mathematical Systems, No. 56. Constrained Extrema: Introduction to the Differentiable Case with Economic Application. Springer Verlag, New York, Heidelberg.

Selected Presentations

El-Hodiri, M. A. (11/30/1992). Industrial Policy in the Context of Privatization. Address to Thirteenth Congress of The Egyptian Society for Legislation, Economics, and Statistics. Cairo, Egypt

El-Hodiri, M. A. & Takayama, A. . (10/31/1967). Price Implications of Dynamic Pareto Optimality. The Econometric Society Meetings. Toronto, Canada

Selected Grants

Sinutin, Mikhail, (Principal), Malinina., T B, (Co-Principal), Mirfanova, D O, (Co-Principal), Gonashvili, A S, (Co-Principal), Tarando, E E, (Co-Principal), El-Hodiri, M A, (Co-Principal), Institutions of property, forms of income and reproduction of social inequality in Russia., 16-03-00666, Форма «Т». Титульная страница заявки в РГНФ.Основной конкурс 2016 годаRussian, Submitted 10/10/2015 . The presented project aims to sociological research of processes of social structure reproduction atRussian society, of a role of the relations of property, of policy of distributing the property rights and theincomes, and also of opportunities in designing the system of decision-making to overcome socialinequality in Russia.It is important to approach the property as capital, conceptually proposed my Ricardo and Marx, and thenby Commons. It allows considering the income from property as a special form of social relations,followed by reproduction of a social and economic inequality. On other pole it is resisted by the incomefrom wage labor. Therefore the chain “property-work” reveals in the form of capitalist alienation.Functioning of income from property as capital occurs under conditions of political system which ispurposefully designing the relations of an inequality of the income of citizens. Therefore, as the only wayof resisting the tendency of growing inequality serves the political practice considering importance ofremoval the contradiction between the income from property and the income from wage labor.At the same time, the property as the capital can take various forms that influence modes of organizingpolitical system of maintaining certain property relations. It is defined by a place of concrete economy insystem of the international division of labor.Theoretical relevance of the project consists of improving sociology of property and distribution in thecontext of the reproduction and relational methodologies; practical relevance of the project consists infinding of ways of designing the politics of property for overcoming social and economic inequality inRussian society.The fundamental level is provided with theories of economic sociology, sociology of property, socialreproduction, and also methodological development of the historical and institutional analysis of economicsystems, mathematical modeling and the theory of the property rights.Scientific novelty consists in the analysis of reproduction of Russian social structure from the point ofview of political mechanisms playing a decisive role in designing institutes of property and distribution,and also in the analysis of function of social practicies in this designing.It is planned to develop the sociological concept of property and distribution to the level allowingconsidering historical evolution of the political organization of property in Russia, to find mechanisms ofinvolving citizens in political designing of property institution, and also to discover social tendency of reproduction of an inequality in Russian society. Foreign (company, govt, agencies, etc.). Status: Proposal Submitted.

Expert instruction in Arabic, Kiswahili, and Wolof at the beginning and intermediate levels will be offered over eight weeks in June-July 2018.

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